Awareness Through Movement® lesson recordings

These Awareness Through Movement® lesson recordings were prepared by Kim Hansen, Tres Hofmeister, Kristen Mylander, or Matt Zepelin. Please let us know if you enjoy them!

If you're new to Awareness Through Movement® classes, you might begin by reading Feldenkrais's Learn to Learn, written specifically for people beginning lessons.

Kristen Mylander

ATM (2019-07): Breathing into the three lobes of the right lung (AY #201) (Moshé Feldenkrais) [40:27, 23.2MB]

“Improving the breathing improves all other functions.”

ATM (2020-03-08): Breathing #1 into upper chest, various positions (AY #179) (Moshé Feldenkrais) [45:21, 20.8MB]

ATM (2020-03-29): Breathing #2, 4 part with tapping, various positions (AY #180) (Moshé Feldenkrais) [35:13, 16.1MB]

Kristen's eye lessons, 2019-07

“You can do any one, two, or three of these in sequence.”

ATM: Introduction to cupping, or palming, the eyes (Bethany Cobb, 2018) [23:26, 13.4MB]

ATM: Movements of the right eye, with cupping (Bethany Cobb, 2018) [37:14, 21.3MB]

ATM: Movements of the left eye, with cupping (Bethany Cobb, 2018) [31:37, 18.1MB]

[2016-12-24] Detailed scan (Happy Holidays!) [38:35, 17.7MB]

Introduction to Awareness Through Movement [4:02, 3.7MB]

ATM: Tilting the knees in and out on back (Gaby Yaron, Evening Notes 1977–1978) [53:55, 49.4MB]

ATM: Sliding arm and leg on side, rotating trunk (Mia Segal, Evening Notes 1977–1978) [1:11:04, 32.5MB]

Tres Hofmeister

Hands behind (Moshé Feldenkrais, Alexander Yanai #220) [1:05:39, 30.1MB]

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